Daily Routine
Each day is started with a correlation meeting to coordinate area, learn about pest control, sales training, and scheduling. These meetings last from 30 minutes to 1 hour at the discretion of the team leader following the needs of the team.

Monday through Friday
12:30pm-8:30pm (lunch at 4:30)

  1. Pre-summer training- Opportunity to learn more about the pest control industry and what tools representatives will need to succeed.
  2. On Site- Specific training to company procedure and introduction to the specific techniques that offer them the competitive advantage.
  3. Continued Education- Brush up and learning from others almost daily correlation training.

Secret to Success
  • Work Hard/Play Hard
  • Upfront Pay
  • Service that Counts
  • Keep Learning
  • Hard Work!

  • Pay scale- Over 90% of compensation is from the pay scale. The more you sell, the more you make for each sale.
  • Monthly Bonus- Rent is $450 for singles. This includes everything associated with the apartment and work. To offset the cost of rent the monthly bonus was introduced. These bonuses are very achievable and most reps will receive these bonuses almost every month.
    30 sales/mo=$250, 40 sales/mo=$450. 50 sales/mo=$550, 60 sales/mo=$750!!!
  • Gas Card/Phone- High gas prices and phone charges can be distracting. We make it a little easier. Each rep will receive a $50 reimbursement for phone charges and a $75 gas card each month. Sharing drive time with a buddy, no problem!
  • Regular Incentives- We have several incentives during the summer to help motivate you to improve and achieve. These incentives can be gift cards, electronics, and cash!
  • Signing Pays- When you decide Universal is the right fit for you, you will receive $100. When you make it to the area, another $200 awaits you.
  • Recruiting- If you have a friend that is also looking to sell, you will receive a bonus that mirrors the signing bonus as well as a small override on his sales.