While selling for the Universal team I developed skills that I have used to get better jobs and serve in my current career. Universal wasnít only a good paying summer job, it was an internship in how to work with people. I highly recommend it!
Jared Burrough
Contech Inc. Summer 2002
Before you go anywhere else, come in and meet with us and receive a complimentary dinner or movie for two!
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Our Mission Statement
Provide achievable opportunity to sales representatives through superior training and industry leading benefits. Produce manageable growth of preferred products in preferred markets for the host company.
    Universal was founded nearly 14 years ago on the principal that a good sales opportunity is created by putting the needs of the sales representatives first. Every sales rep will be provided monthly gas cards, phone reimbursements, good housing, upfront pay, and the opportunity to work for a premier pest control company.

    We believe a good summer combines hard work and fun. Our expectations are realistic and provide opportunity for entertainment in addition to good hard work.

    Unlike alarms and dish, pest control is much easier to sell. Donít be fooled by the boasting of the Escalade driving poster boy. Pest control is on average 2-4 times as easy to sell making success achievable for the average rep as well. Why is pest control easier to sell? Bugs are everywhere, but in warm climates like California, they are especially plentiful. Pest Control in California alone is a multi-billion dollar business.

    Instead of looking for crime filled neighborhoods where everyone happens to have good credit, pest control gives you a chance at every door. When you do talk to a potential customer, you wonít have to ask for the social security number and run extensive credit checks. Our sales take ten minutes to finish which means you are on to the next door and the next sale!

    When you leave the door, you leave the customer in the hands of a premier pest service. Unlike some larger marketing companies that take every deal they find, Universal only partners with services that meet our very selective criteria. Rest assured, these companies know what it takes to make a successful campaign and please our new customers!